Welcome To JR Denttools International Inc.

JR DENTTOOLS INTERNATIONAL offers dent repair services such as removing dents by hail damage from vehicles without affecting the original factory finish. The paintless dent repair process is considered by many to be both an art and a science. It requires high levels of training, talent and patience that take a long time to master.

JR DENTTOLS INTERNATIONAL is on the industry leader in Paintless Dent Removal in Europe, specializing in dent repair services including removing dents and hail damage.

Our professional team of qualified technicians works quickly to restore vehicles back to their original factory finish. We don't settle for anything but the best . Our skilled technicians uses specially-designed tools during the affordable, paintless dent removal process and ensures 100% customer guarantee.

The use of specialized lighting, tools and knowledge of the underside of a vehicle's damaged area make technicians truly "craftsmen" at this skill. All technicians push, pull or even tap dents away using specific equipment designed for the process.

Patents for several of our tools are pending. We know the requirements of our PDR Business and develop always tools for better service by our technicians.

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